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Create a marketing power tool with the functionality of the mobile web and the personalized touch of email.

You’ve got a list.  You know their needs.  You’ve got messages that address market segments or customer personas.  Then you are ready for the QRomium solution – built just for you and supporting your need to “get personal” with mobile web users.

Implement a design that works just for you, and that sustains your brand.

Branding email with your colours and images can be difficult, because HTML (or rich) email isn’t always well received.  So don’t go that route – instead, use the power and functionality of the mobile web to truly engage and interact with your target audience on highly personalized (even first name) basis!  We’ll design a rich look and feel for your QRomium solution that aligns with your visual identity and gives you long-term legs on the mobile web.

Let the professionals do it.  Spend your time making money…

You give us the commission, and we’ll make it easy for you.  All you need to do is give us list, branding guidelines and target messages, and we’ll make the rest painless.  A mobile website unique to every visitor.  Imagine!  And we’ll handle the updates that you want to make as things progress.

Get things started once.  Then rinse and repeat.

Most QRomium customers use it as a key tactic in an integrated marketing communications campaign, and so the solution starts with a “blast” of effort to a large-ish target audience.  But QRomium is versatile enough to allow you to add new names to the “campaign” on the fly, generating for you new QR and PIN codes as we go, and autoemailing the personalized invitation (should you have selected that option).  What’s really compelling is that you can re-skin or alter content in future, and start a whole new wave of effort, preserving the same QR codes and PINs and adding new ones as you see fit.

Worry about content and form, not browsers or systems

QRomium has been optimized for the mobile web, and doesn’t discriminate – it doesn’t care what type of mobile device you have, it reacts cleanly to all. All you need is a web browser - any web browser – and you’ll be organizing and editing in no time.

Design custom promotions and market limited-time offers

QRomium, as best of breed, really allows you to implement custom mobile campaign web pages to support exclusive offers, couponing, etc. for each customer or customer group.  These pages can incorporate forms allowing you to learn more about your clients and potential clients, and enabling the rapid creation of a permission-based email list.

Find out what’s working and do more.  Fix what isn’t.

QRomium integrates appropriately with Google Analytics, providing built-in website traffic statistics.  Better still, QRomium can implement email notifications to you, so that when a targeted customer accesses the QRomium site, you’ll know right away.  And you’ll be able to identify where interest lies in your QRomium site, giving you insight into changes that might make for a better user experience rapidly.

The mobile web is now the mainstream web — and it’s time to get personal.

The mobile web is now the mainstream web — and it’s time to get personal.

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