What You’ll Get

Ongoing Services:

  • Your own website address
    • You can provide one already registered, or we’ll register it for you
  • Email Addresses
  • Full backup service
  • Web hosting included

Project Services Commonly Offered in QRomium:

  • Customized website design optimized for mobile
  • Implementation of relevant databases to support mobile website performance (i.e., personalization on use of QR code or PIN, delivery of specific content based on target segment assignment)
  • List processing and management
  • Development of QR codes and PINs for mobile websites
  • Mobile web data collection form
  • Mobile web surveys
  • Incorporation of rich media (video from YouTube, images, etc.)
  • Google Maps links
  • Login tool to provide new client information
  • System autoemailer (to you, to clients)

Our Pledges:

We’ll keep it running for you

  • If there's ever a problem or errors with a website, we'll fix it.
  • We’re hosting it, so we know it will be up and stay up for the terms of our agreement.
  • We’ll respond to your concerns within 1 business day.
  • We’ll treat you fairly – you’ll be properly invoiced, and your hosting account will remain active as long as we’re still partners (that’s code for you paying us!)


We’ll help you get past things that get you stumped

  • We’re happy to consult with you on the details of your QRomium solution, but also to work with you to ensure integration with your other marketing activities. Because a QRomium solution yields a collection of personalized QR codes, we’ll help you figure out how to store the data and how to leverage them into other media.


We’ll make valuable additional services available to you

  • If you are looking for assistance with your website marketing, we’re glad to listen. The advice – well, we will need to charge something for that, since it will be valuable.
  • If you’ve never thought about how to improve business processes through custom software solutions, we can help through a discovery exercise that is provided without charge or obligation.

The mobile web is now the mainstream web — and it’s time to get personal.

The mobile web is now the mainstream web — and it’s time to get personal.

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